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Mobility 3. January 2013, Palanga
Web – Advertising and Marketing

Palanga mobility


Teachers - Ignas Lenkauskas (Marketing and research)
                 Ingrida Domarkaitė (Project management, recreation services, resort business and   enterprises)
                 Angelina Liaudanskienė (English language)
Students - Rimantė Norvaišaitė
                Tadas Vėlius
                Adomas Bitinas

Teachers - Zoja Petročenko (Computer science; Basics of visual advertising)
Students - Ilona Brante
                 Džinita Valaine
                 Gundega Līcīte

Teachers – Enna Kallasvee (marketing, beverages (for waiters))
Students - Madis Sepp  
                Tanel Alver  
                Kristjan Vaikla  

Teachers - Per Borggren (different business courses, marketing and economy)
                 Silja Lorant-Laine (information and communication, administration, entrepreneurship and marketing)
Students - Fatima Alfar
                Stephanie Almroth
                Elisabet Olevall

Teachers -  Bryan Roberts (customer service, bookkeeping, marketing, entrepreneurship)
                  Anita Eglite – Osmane (Baltic business and culture, Russian, Swedish for immigrants, project work)
Students - Ronja Kåhre
                 Andreas Lindo
                 Miro Kiiski

Teachers - Hilmar Friðjónsson (Math (basic algebra and geometry) Entrepreneurism (Juniour Achivement program) Social skills)
Students - Gunnar Sigtryggsson
                 Haukur Hlöðversson
                 Hólmfríður Lilja Birgisdóttir

Group: Fatima Alfar (Sweden); Rimantė Norvaišaitė (Lithuania); Kristjan Vaikla (Estonia)

Group: Andreas Lindo (Finland); Elisabet Olevall (Sweden); Haukur Hlöðversson (Iceland)

Group: Ronja Kåhre (Finland); Hólmfríður Lilja Birgisdóttir (Iceland); Stephanie Almroth (Sweden)


Group: Tanel Alver (Estonia); Džinita  Valaine (Latvia); Gunnar Sigtryggsson (Iceland)

Group: Tadas Vėlius (Lithuania); Miro Kiiski (Finland); Ilona Brante (Latvia)

Group: Madis Sepp (Estnia); Adomas Bitinas (Lithuania); Gundega Līcīte (Latvia)

All presentations you can watch on this video:

The third mobility in Palanga started with the short presentations of the home towns of the participants and their schools (All students will represent their countries and schools) and with the seminar „Advertising and Web Marketing“ conducted by the teacher Ignas Lenkauskas.

 Students present their home towns and schools


The seminar „Advertising and Web Marketing“ conducted by Ignas Lenkauskas
(slides - )

After seminar students were given tasks for their group work.
Tasks for groups:
1.      create a WEB marketing strategy (how, where, why and what?);
2.      create ads for social media (you can choose Facebook, Twitter or Google+);
3.      create a video ad;
4.    create a company blog (homework);
       You can use free blog pages or


                                        Students are creating WEB marketing strategies

In the middle of the students work there was hold a seminar „Creating Marketing Plan“ conducted by Donatas Jonikas, the director of Marketing agency,where students had a possibility to ask lecturer about their group work.

Seminar conducted by Donatas Jonikas
(Slides - )

After a hard work with marketing strategies students together with their teachers were invited to have a cultural program: Palanga sightseeing, excursion to Mončius Museum and educational program in Palanga Amber Masters Guild guided by English teacher Angelina Liaudanskienė and students of Kaunas Vocational Training Centre for Service Business Specialists Resort Business Department.

 On Palanga brigde                                                                  

                                                     Palanga Amber Masters Guild

                                        In Palanga Amber Masters Guild 
                                                In Palanga Amber Masters Guild

Palanga Church

Palanga sightseeing

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  1. The 3rd mobility was focused on Web marketing and advertising as an important part of business planning.
    Students and guest teachers had a great opportunity to participate in discussions concerning the right approach for getting a successful Internet Marketing Strategy. The lectures conducted by Ignas Lenkauskas and Donatas Jonikas were giving good knowledge about Marketing strategies and Advertising methods used on the web.
    As a result-6 Business ideas were supplemented by interesting approaches carrying out different ways of Web marketing.
    Thanks to all participants!