Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Independent work

Aim - improve knowledge on organizing customers' information by making inquiries.

1.     Visit the trade centre Alfa and find out:
What category does it belong to?
a)     It is a specialized trade park.
b)    It is a thematic trade centre.

In Riga and surroundings it is highly recognized, and consumers can find the necessary products due to its wide choice of goods and services as well as moderate prices.

2.     Answer the following questions:
2.1.         Is there communication with customers?

2.2.         Is information available for a customer?

2.3.         Do they do any organizing of information at Alfa?

2.4.         How accessible is the information centre in Alfa?

2.5.         How accessible is oral information? (visiting any shop, a shop assistant gives information where the information centre is located)

2.6.         Are they able to communicate with customers in foreign languages? (English, German, Russian or French)

2.7.         Availability of advertising means and use of advertising means (dimensional advertising, wordy advertising, textual advertising, acoustic advertising, graphical advertising, combined advertising)

3.     Make a comparison to your country’s acknowledged trade centre and publish the result in blog using answers to the above mentioned questions. When publishing, it is advisable to use pictures and statistical diagrams, up to 200 words in text.


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  3. 1) b
    2.1) Yes, people communication with customers
    2.2) There was maps and info stands,i think there are is available quickly and easily
    2.3) we don`t know
    2.4)we don`t know
    2.5) For someone to ask the shop also answers the question rupyma
    2.6) we try just in english
    Greetings from Lithuania:)

  4. Independent work from Latvia:

  5. 1) A
    2.1) Yes, there is communication with customers
    2.2) There was maps and info stands
    2.3) We dont know
    2.4) Easily
    2.5) Easily
    2.6) English and Russian
    2.7) I dont understand the question

    Greetings from Finland!

    1. 1) B
      2.1) Yes they communicate with their costumers, they said hello.
      2.2) There was maps and info stands
      2.3) In the middle of the center they had a big sign
      2.4) Easily
      2.5) Easily
      2.6) They speak English
      2.7) !?

      Swedish Girls! :D