Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Teachers feedback

Comments about market research presented in Riga

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  1. Group work on making business plans

    The 2nd mobility’s key activity was 6 groups’ team work at making business plans. Each team had the main task: to develop the idea their colleagues had invented during the first mobility of the project in Sweden (Nykōping) in September 2012. This team work on business plans was organized in two days – on Wednesday (November 21) and Thursday (November 22).

    Project participants had to analyze market, customers and competitors and had to finish with SWOT analysis if it hadn’t been done in the first mobility in Sweden. Teams were active, rather communicative and purposeful, but as a drawback should be noted that some participants had not sufficiently explored the previously created ideas and that made it difficult to start team work. So our suggestion for all schools is to remind future participants to get acquainted with the plan their colleagues have done before.

    The result of two days painstaking work was the business plans presentations. Each team had prepared their PowerPoint presentation and demonstrated it for other participants and teachers. Each student as well as teacher had a possibility to ask questions if something was unclear.

    Tatjana, RTTS