Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Mobility 4, March, Haapsalu - creating the Financial Plan

The students started the day with getting to know Haapsalu Vocational Education and Training Centre. Estonian students Kristjan S., Kristjan V. and Janar guided them through the different facilites of the school and showed them how the students work in different classes.

For the start of the teamwork all the groups were given questions to think about:

- Which  were the main topics that your team worked on yesterday?
- How far did you get with your calculations and finace analyzes?
- What is your main target for today?

And the last question to end with after working in teams - Did you manage it?

Here are the answers of the groups:

GIOCO - Hjalti (Iceland), Dennis (Sweden), 
Emilia (Finland)

  • Yesterday we worked on the sales and costs but we diden´t finished that. We had some problems with the calculatios, excel, internet and all that...
  • Today we finished all the tasks that were given to us. We are very happy with the results even though they arent the most relistic numebers. But we did our best.

CYBERTRAINING Birna (Iceland), Tomas (Finland), Fredrik (Sweden)

  • Yestersay - Products, services and prices, we managed to finish January calculations
  • Target for today - To finish all the calculations and yes we did !

JuJuMa DESIGN -  Vaidas (Lithuania), Janis (Latvia), Kia (Finland)
  • Our main topics were our products, services and their prices, and the calculation of our first year income and expenses. We got ready with our calculations and finance analyzing.
  • Our main target for today is to check if our calculations are all right and to get started with our power point. We got it all done in no time !

SEE IT THROUGH OUR EYES - Sindri (Iceland), Kristjan (Estonia), Edgars (Latvija)
  • Yesterdays topics: The services research for the prices,  future plans for the company 
  • Target for today: we try to fix our finaces and get the cashflow to the cross-point.  Yes we managed it

Mother's club LILLEKE - Dovile (Lithuania), Janar (Estonia), Karlis (Latvia)
  • Yesterday: About financing.We listened lecture about financing, how to get money. About costs and revenues and difference between them.We almost finished that yesterday.
  • Our main targets are to finish the yesterday's tasks. We managed to finish it. We also made the company presentation.

HAPPY PETS - Kristjan (Estonia),Hoda (Sweden), Mantas (Lithuania)

  • The main topics that we worked on yesterday was that we were putting on the prices, services and products.We completed all those analyzes and calculations what were needed - no problem.
  • The main target for today was getting cashflow fixed. We managed it without no problems. :)

The groups started to work with their financial plans and to find questions for the following:

  • Which are your main products/ point out the approximate cost of every product/service?
  • Make the cashflow chart for one year.
  • The annual revenue /cost.

At the same time the teachers had discussions with their colleagues from Haapsalu school. They met with the Career Councellor and the Social Worker who told them about the Councelling Centre of  HKHK and found that there are quite a lot of similar problems in Scandinavian and Baltic countries. The Educational Technologist presented the e-learning materials created by the teachers of HKHK.

The teachers also got acquainted with the national handicraft of Estonia and to prove that the practical work is always more effective than the theoretical they spent some fruitful time in the handicraft class getting to know the Estonian national patterns and designs.


After finishing the work with Financlial Plans the participants walked in a snowy Haapsalu and explored the Episcopal Castle, climbed the Clock Tower and got acquainted with White Lady of Haapsalu.

The day ended with walking on the Promenade and trying to get the feeling of the summer resort town by standing on the icy stairs of the Summer Restaurant Kuursaal.

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