Thursday, March 14, 2013

Mobility 4, March, Haapsalu - creating the Financial Plan

The first event of the day took the participants to Haapsalu Door Factory (Haapsalu Uksetehas), a wood company that started it's business at the beginning of 90-s on the basis of Estonian private investment. The new factory with its primary equipment was completed in 1992 in UuemƵisa, near Haapsalu Vocational Education Centre. It was the very first factory in Estonia that, using the modern technology, started to manufacture interior doors and  nowadays produces any kind of doors of wooden materials.

The Development Manager Rene Serg gave the students a thorough review how the wood is produced into doors and window frames.The most interesting part was about starting the busines in 1991, just after the collapse of Soviet Union. The students had a lot of questions about production, sales and financial planning.

In the afternoon the groups started to finish their presentation, they worked on prices of their products and services, calculated the annual cash flow and did the last research to make their fiancial plans real. The final question, given by Finnish teacher Jani Sivunen, was about the benefits of doing that sepcific business in that specfic country the company is operating in.

At 3 o'clock the presentation started. Every group had about 15 minutes to present their Financial Plan to the audience. After every presentation the audience had lots of questions and suggestions. Everybody promised to add their suggestions also to the blog, to make it easier for the students who will be doing the Final Presentation in Iceland.

Here are the PRESENTATIONS of 6 teams:

HAPPY PETS - Mantas (Lithuania)
Kristjan (Estonia), Hoda (Sweden)

Happy pets from Heli Heimo

JuJuMa DESIGNKia (Finland),  
Janis (Latvia), Vaidas (Lithuania)

Jujuma business plan_(1) from Heli Heimo

GIOCO - Dennis (Sweden)
Hjalti (Iceland),  Emilia (Finland)

Gioco 2 from Heli Heimo

CYBERTRAINING -  Birna (Iceland),  
Fredrik (Sweden), Tomas (Finland)

Cybertraining from Heli Heimo

Mother's club LILLEKE 
Karlis (Latvia) Janar (Estonia), Dovile (Lithuania)

Lilleke from Heli Heimo

Kristjan (Estonia), Sindri (Iceland),  
Edgars (Latvija)

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