Thursday, September 27, 2012

Creating a business idea

During the first week of the project the aim was to develop a business idea. The students were divided into six groups with three members in each. In every group there was at least one boy and all group members were from different countries. The common language of the group was English.

At the end of the week all groups introduced their ideas to all members of the project, both teachers and students. The ideas were presented by power point and all group members took part in the performance.  Interestingly all ideas were about offering customers services in different fields starting from pets´ care to web design.

Group:  Siim (Estonia) – Brigita (Lithuania) – Towa (Sweden)

HAPPY PETS Long-time care agency

Slogan: Happy pets – happy owners!

“Our purpose is to make people feel calm about leaving their pets in our hands. We offer to take care of their pets in our place or they can choose a worker from our agency, who will take care of their pets in their homes.”

Target group: Adult people who owns pets.

Siim, Anna,Dzinita, Robert and Marko relaxing at Silja's place

Group:  Justé (Lithuania) – Julia (Finland) – Maris (Latvia)

JuJuMa Designs

A web design company which offers wide range of services to create a social identity for your company.

Slogan: Making your company look great

“Creating good looking image”
“Helping to make identity of your company”
“Unified graphical line” 

Maris, Justé and Julia working 

Presentation of business idea

Group:  Anna (Latvia) – Ruta (Lithuania) – Marko (Estonia)

Mothers’ club LILLEKE

”Mothers club is a place where all mothers come together, with or without their baby’s. It is a place where mothers can meet other mothers, get food, drinks, listen to music, chat, support from others and give advice to each other.”

Slogan: In LILLEKE – you are not alone!

Ruta, Anna and Marko working 

Teachers planning the programme

Group: Nanna (Iceland) – Dzinita (Latvia) – Robert (Estonia)

See it through our eyes

“Our business idea is to make  company/homepage that plans and organizes school trips in Latvia”

Slogan: Come, see it through our eyes.
Target group is teachers and other people who are responsible for making school trips. 

Dzinita,Robert and Nanna giving an interview to the local newspaper

Anna, Dzinita, Anita and Maris visiting Elsa

Students visiting Swedish students at Tessinskolan

Group: Elina (Finland) – Hanna L (Sweden) – Petur (Iceland)


”To make a safe place for teenagers to hang out at, instead of them hanging in the streets doing bad things”

Slogan: Come here, be safe or Come here you won’t regret it.
Gioco means game in Italian.

Petur, Elina and Hanna working

Group: Hanna A (Sweden) – Sara (Finland) – Sindri (Iceland)

”Our company is a Swedish website….our services would be for people who want to get in shape by a professional trainers …and programs…which is based on your needs…” “ We would be in contact with our customers via Internet, phone and skype..”

Slogan: Get Fit Fast & In Control

Teacher giving a good piece of advice to the students

Sara, Sindri and Towa preparing presentation

 Nice farewell party at Silja's place 

Teachers and students having a good time

A very warm welcoming

Brigita, Justé and Ruta from Lithuania

Ruta, Nanna, Sindri, Petur, Elina, Julia, Sara

Good food - good company

Thanks to all participants!

written by Liselott

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