Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Teachers feedback

Comments about business ideas presented in Nykoping.


  1. Happy pets
    A good business idea as we understand, but you have to make it clearer. Is it a hotel for pets or is the idea that you are coming home to the customers? (ore is it both and )
    Describe how you are going to lead the business from the head office in Sweden.

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    Howe do you know that the birth is rising in Estonia? Desktop survey?
    Aren’t you’re competitors other Cafés and you have face book groups on internet.

    1. Hello.We Did some research and a couple of surveys showed that in Estonia the birth rate is the biggest in Baltics.Other cafes and restaurants are not really serious competitors,because in a lot of them,they don`t like people with children.Also restaurants don`t have workshops etc. like the mothers club.


    2. Hi!
      Marko told all our thoughts and all of that is true! ;]
      Anna [Latvia ;D]

  4. JuJuMa Design
    Nice logotype, but maybe it should tell us witch design you are selling (JuJuMa Web Designs).
    The target groups are well thought-out!
    Maybe you cod describe the unique part of the idea, more clearly. For example what do you mean by flexible service?

    1. Hello, amazing people! :) Thank you for the great time we had in Sweden. Organizers did a really good job! I enjoyed the trip.

      About JuJuMa Web Designs. The unique part of our idea probably was the hardest thing for us to do because there are many web-design companies. That is why we wanted to focus on the personal approach to the customers and the quality of our services to create strong (in some way, unique)customer service.

      I think someone who understands more of web-design could describe the unique part more accurate because we didn't know much about the technical side (main part) of making web-designs (programs,process of creating a webpage etc.)

      Flexible service - With that we meant the personal approach to the customers - opportunity to choose most suitable type of communication and the process of getting job done - communication through e-mail, phone and video calls or personal meeting at our office in relaxed atmosphere with a cup of coffee. Our specialist could help to develop the idea of a customer by asking questions to understand the needs and desires and by giving advices. He could turn a sketch on a small paper into a modern logotype of succesful company.


  5. School trips to Latvia

    Good for a specific target group and that you will expand the idea.

    Nice Logotype with a thought that agree with the nice slogan.

    It should be good if we could read the purpose with the business idea in the Really good with an example.

    An idea which is modern and right in time. How can this idea be unique?

    A Good slogan there you can read what the company stands for.

    Good with flexible solutions for each single person. It is good that you have thought that the web site is easy to use. This is very important.

    Maybe you should mention the price in Euro, so it will be easier for all to understand.


    The idea is good and you have a target group which you are familiar with.

    Your goal is really good. We think that slogan number 2 is more suitable for young people.

    You really have to get the government to like your idea and show them how your idea can solve problems in the community.

    The things you offer are good.

    What kind of people will work there? Where are you going to be situated?


      Hello, Hanna A here. Thank you all for the great time together here in Sweden.

      I / We should think about your commented. We will also change the price to Euro so that everyone understands!

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  7. Gioco

    This idea is actual and good. Maybe You should mention the special days clearer and offered activities could be much more various. The better slogan we think is number 2.

    That idea is clear and modern , but it is not unique because a lot of similar nutrition supliements are suplied and sold on website.

  9. See it through our eyes
    The idea is actual and usefull. Nice logotipe and slogan. We think You should expand this idea.

  10. Hello from Riga Trade Technical school!

    We try to keep alive our blog :)

    It's our first try to add the blog with our comments because of much work to do. We still remember our trip to Sweden and all of us are very satisfied. It was really good start. Thanks to all of schools participating in this project. We enjoyed time being together. Thanks to Sweden's teachers for their hospitality. Big thanks to Anita for a possibility to communicate in the blog.

    Now we are working at November's programme. We will do all the best to prepare all the activities to organize the second mobility in our country.

    Tatjana and Ieva

  11. Hi! Thank you for your hospitality, it was a great! :]
    This project was awesome experience for me ! Can't wait to meet you in Latvia! :]